Today, online businesses wage cut-throat competition for new customers. And marketing technologies (aka “martech”) can serve as an awesome weapon, helping you to find an edge over rivals, explore new markets and generate actionable recommendations.

A stack means the suite of martech solutions your business uses. 

How to build your martech stack?

First, you should establish an elaborate marketing strategy, identifying the activities you will do in order to attract, convert and retain leads. 

Second, read blog posts and educate yourself about martech solutions for major fields, such as email interactions, social media, content generation and CRM. Start with the top guys in their niches. Going for a dark horse can backfire big time since you aren’t that deep in the industry yet for you to discern a hidden gem.

Third, identify the niches where you don’t show as good results as you’d expect and start looking for alternative solutions within your martech stack puzzle. 

Working this way, you’ll never lose your way around myriads of versatile martech apps and platforms.