How to choose a sales graphics package?
A sales graphics package is stuffed with hundreds of great graphics in different shapes and colors. To decide which sales graphics package is the best for you, on one hand you should know what are your goals and the other hand what are these graphics elements good for and how can they be best utilized.

The most important sales graphics package elements:

1. Bullets and checkmarks The aim of using lists is to make your website easier to read. Buying and using a sales graphics package that contains well designed bullets and checkmarks will help you to give a better look and a better flow to the page. People usually don’t read everything on a website word by word, they rather skim through it. Their mind is looking for something that answers the questions they want to solve. If you order and highlight the most important information they will more easily recognize it.

2. Quotation Marks Quotation marks are usually used around headlines and testimonials.

Using them around headlines increase the importance of the text by making it look like as if somebody else said it. People are more interested in the opinion of other people who are already using that product rather than the owner or producer of it. With quotation marks you can easily make also the testimonials on your website more emphasized and help the visitors to find it easily. The sales graphics package you buy must include quotation marks.

3. Badges You want to have badges in the sales graphics package, because they are good to emphasize the features of your products, like “100% Free, “PRL included” or “Free Report”.

If you put these information on a smaller but well designed, catchy image you can reach much more conversion, because this way your client doesn’t have to read several lines of text to find out what are the most important benefits of the product. Always check how much different and how well designed badges the sales graphics package has and you will be able to use the 3 seconds you have to grab the customers’ attention very effectively.

4. Buttons Buttons are the most important parts of a sales page and so of a sales graphics package, as well. That’s the point where you tell your visitor to act: “Sign Up”, “Order Now”, “Buy Now”, and so on.

You can have the best product or you can be the first in search engines, but it all doesn’t worth anything if your visitors cannot find the buy or sign up button on your page. You have to make sure that your buttons are big enough and they are on the right place. Next thing is the outlook, the next factor that helps you decide which sales graphics package to buy. Buttons should be very different from other parts of the content on your site; it should be the first thing the visitor recognizes.

Don’t forget having good design elements on your website is very important. Buying sales graphics package can be a money saving way to get professional images if you pay attention to some basic details.

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