If your online presence needs help in drawing a bigger audience, the following martech apps are a sure way to boost your marketing and remarketing operations. Although all of them are subscription-based, there’s always a free-trial period for you to make up you mind risk-free.

7 apps that rock 

First, MailChimp takes your emailing to the new level.

Second, Hootsuite will loosen up your social media. 

Third, Salesforce will retain your customers as good as Starbucks glues millennials.

Fourth, Google Analytics will help you clearly see the fruit – or its absence – of your actions. Empower your iterations with these valuable insights.

Fifth, Slack will knit your team together, helping them step in cadence and work in unison. 

Sixth, grab those nunchucks and rev up SpyFu to rule the paid media like a boss. 

Seventh, generate the truly potent and optimized content with the help of insights from Moz keyword research, reports and tips on the recent changes to Google’s SERP algos.