Having been on the market Vue Storefront and also Magento PWA Studio will be the present go-to platforms for manufacturers that are looking to enlarge their presence. However, to understand which one of them can help your company is, naturally, no issue.

What is PWA

A PWA is really a website that feels and looks just like a cellular program on a smartphone and is delivered via the internet (not an app store). It has other app-like features like notifications, offline usage etc.. Magento started the PWA studio — a pair of resources that you may use in addition to Magento two for your creation and upkeep of a PWA storefront and was fast to find the potential of this technology.

2019 was a terrific year for Magento store owners. Since Magento 2.3 has come up with PWA Studio, the shop owners have experienced an excellent expansion in their reach for mobile users with considerable margins. This goes without mentioning that their webpage visits have multiplied with manifolds, while it has also enhanced their conversion rates by a number.

Advantages of Magento PWA Studio

Accessibility to creation tools: Tools supplied by Magento PWA Studio are always up-to-date and using the extensive documentation.

Benefits of creation: Magento PWA Studio was created with the purpose of shifting adoptions of PWAs forward simplicity of development was placed at the highest priority.

Community: The Magento PWA Studio community is there to help new-comers.

Cons of Magento PWA Studio

Platform-specific: Magento PWA Studio needs that your store has to be on Magento 2.3 and above. This can be both a good and a bad thing, even as in this way, there is more leeway to develop and enhance Magento PWA Studio and not needing to worry about platform-compatibility.

Lack of compatibility with old variants: One reason that makes stores hesitant to embrace Magento PWA Studio is due to its lack of compatibility with old versions, mainly due to GraphQL schema changes between updates.


Vue Storefront

On the other hand, you’ve got Vue Storefront, which will be a standalone PWA storefront for eCommerce that lets you connect with any backend (Magento, Prestashop or Shopware, etc.) with an API. Vue Storefront is an open-source tech so anyone can use and support the project. Here’s the working Vue Storefront demonstration deployed by us.

Pros of Vue Storefront

Agnostic: Vue Storefront operates on most of eCommerce platform

Open-source: Anyone can lead to improving the front-end platform

Cons of Vue Storefront

Incompatibilities: Plenty of issues with eCommerce platforms

Doesn’t Permit the use of other or jQuery dependencies

Documentation is missing: There are various complaints concerning its lack of comprehensive documentation and the troublesome installation process with Vue Storefront.


Summing up

As the industry is gradually changing to shopping PWA technology is a boon for retailers. While the users are left with excellent client experience, the technology is saving funds for the clients.

The future of cellular shopping seems more promising and lively. Together with Magento coming up like Magento PWA Studio with in-house PWA options. At precisely the exact same time, every task needs variation to remain unique and distinct.

By offering a storefront, which finds a perfect match in the Magento environment as 21, vueJS will be necessary. Taken that PWA and the technology are continuously rising, we can expect more outcomes in the future.

They need to get designed from scratch while Magento PWA options are simple to carry out independently. As the top Magento Development company, we have pre-designed storefronts which can be customized with minimum inputs to save you time and tools.