Magento support and maintenance

Do you want your Magento 2 online store to be successful? If your answer is “Yes”, just keep in mind that this dream will never come true without quality support services. Reliable maintenance of an e-commerce store is no less important than its promotion or organization of a well-coordinated support team. Creating an e-commerce store and not supporting it is the same as having a child but not raising it: it will exist, but only time will show the result. Unfortunately, far not every e-commerce business owner understands why website maintenance services are needed and what stands behind.

So let’s take a closer look at the reasons and situations when Magento 2 online stores require professional support.

Magento Performance Services

Magento support services are often needed when the merchant faces significant issues with the website performance, especially due to a slow site load speed. Sources like Google claim that e-commerce store pages should take 2 seconds or less to be fully loaded, and that every extra second leads to more loses in the conversion rate.

To keep your Magento 2 store fast, its performance should be constantly monitored through specialized analytics tools like GTMetrix. Problems with the load speed often happen unexpectedly, and to fix them you should always have a Magento developer at a speed dial who can quickly understand the reasons for a poor performance and fix them.

Updating a Magento Website

Here is another ground to apply for a Magento website support services. Although Magento 2 is an open-source platform, it is one of the most complicated systems in terms of technical management. So when it comes to its update to the latest version, there is no magic button, which will do it for you with one click. 

You need to have enough technical skills to update a Magento 2 store and to detect any issues that often appear just right after the update. That’s why Magento update is often a reason to have a reliable and experienced Magento developer who can manage all changes and tune your store to be up-to-date.

Emergency Support

While your hosting provider is responsible for the availability of your store online, there are numerous unexpected issues your hosting has nothing to do with. These may be a sudden increase in traffic, numerous error messages, hacking, database downtimes, and other problems which require immediate help of Magento specialists who can return the website to life, as soon as possible.

Website Backup

It is hard to overestimate the importance of website backups. For customer data and orders the backups should be made regularly, at least every week. Otherwise, there are numerous possible failures (for example, unexpected downtimes on the server-side, issues with the third-party integrations, malware attacks, etc.), which may lead to an irretrievable loss of the data.

In addition, backups are essential every time before any changes to the system are planned, like integrating new extensions, updating the platform, or implementation of any other configuration. 

New Features Development

If you have recently launched your Magento 2 store, you might not yet faced the need in custom functionality for your store which can’t be implemented with one of the third-party extensions offered by numerous extension providers. However, about 90% of Magento store owners, sooner or later address Magento development agencies for custom features development. 

As well as the third-party extensions, custom ones also require constant support and regular tuning to fit all the requirements of the platform and its new updates. 

Summing Up

The bigger and the more complex your online store is, the more likely you require a Magento 2 support and maintenance services. By neglecting Magento support you namely put your online store at stake, which always results in a failure of e-commerce business, since a website with poor performance indicators becomes totally uncompetitive.